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Welcome to The Virtual Job Fair Canada
The online recruitment platform for hundreds of hiring employers and thousands of professional job seekers in Canada and abroad.
Recruit, network and connect to the Virtual Platform from any electronic devices (cell phone, tablets, computer, etc).

No more geographical barriers. 24hrs Access. Anywhere. Anytime.

CONNECTING GUIDEHow to recruit, network & connect.

How do employers connect with job seekers in the Virtual Platform? How to chat and exchange information?

Connecting with job seekers and employers is the best way to make the most of attending a virtual experience. There are several ways you can connect between employers and job seekers.

NAVIGATING GUIDEHow to navigate in the Platform.

How to navigate the Virtual Platform. What are the primary areas of a Virtual Platform? Click below

It’s easy to find your way around the environment.
The Navigation Bar, always located at the bottom of your screen, gives you direct access to all areas of the environment, all chat options and a complete attendee list.

VIRTUAL PLATFORM MAPArchitecture Map & Directions

Rooms can serve many needs and functions. Primary entry point.
How to navigate and access other rooms.

View the layout of the environment and dedicated networking areas. Where to schedule or open public chats. Where to facilitate peer-to-peer interaction and more. All attendees in the current booth will be displayed on the Attendees tab.
EXCLUSIVE CAPABILITIESFeatured & Exclusive Exhibitors

There are three key exclusive capabilities that Exclusive and Featured Exhibitors have in the Virtual Platform.

Send out a Broadcast Message. Create a Public Group Chat. Remove an Attendee from the Virtual Environment. This guide gives you additional information regarding the above options.


This guide will give you Booth feature descriptions, instructions and tips on how to best interact with your booth attendees.

The Public Group Chat window allows Booth Reps and attendees to engage in a group chat. Booth Reps and Attendees who join the Public Group Chat can also view the entire history of comments and Q&A within that Public Chat by scrolling through.

TECHNICAL FAQs GUIDEBefore your access the platform

What are the technical requirements for the Virtual Job Fair Canada? Minimum System Requirements.

We recommend using a wired Internet connection whenever possible. If you’re using an older, or unsupported Operating System, Internet Browser, or version of Flash, you may experience decreased performance.

EXHIBITORS : Why attend the Virtual Job Fair Canada?

  • Manage your hiring needs with hundreds of Job Seekers on a local, provincial, national and global scale.
  • From your Office, reach the most experiences, qualified and motivated professionals anywhere in Canada.
  • Target the right candidates with the right profession. Get unlimited FREE Job Posting.
  • Unlimited access to the Virtual Platform. Unlimited live days. Maximum branding exposure across Canada.
  • Connect to the Virtual Platform with any electronic devices (cell phone, tablets, computer, etc). No more geographical barriers.
  • Network and interview candidates after business hours. Meet with hundreds of professionals after hours. Set up your own hours.
  • No need to set up a booth or have employees out of the office to manage your booth. Save time and money.
  • Save hiring time with the Virtual Screening Platform. No need to collect piles of resumes from random wanderers, the Virtual Platform require applicants to fill out compatibility forms that determine which companies will be of interest to them. If they're suitable, they'll be able to check out your organization's virtual booth, where they can upload their resume, read more about you, and watch videos you've provided.
  • Easy to "attend", Easy to "access", Easy to "connect", candidates who are already employed, but seeking new sales opportunities, are more likely to have a look – something they would likely never do for a traditional job fair.
  • Massive branding, networking and employment exposure with hundreds of visitors that respond to your hiring needs.

VISITORS: Why attend the Virtual Job Fair Canada?

No need to wake up at the crack of dawn, no need to rush and waste gas to get to a crowded Job Fair and wait in long lines to see the selected companies, recruiters or HR Managers. No need to worry about weather conditions. In fact, really no need to even get out of your pajamas.

  • Save time and money. Get interviewed and get hired anywhere (From home, in the car, in the coffee shop, while with friends, etc.)
  • Meet hundreds of recruiters, HR Managers and hiring organization anytime and any day you are available to connect online.
  • Network with unlimited organizations looking for your skills and profession on a local, provincial, national and global scale.
  • From your home, network with the right organization with the right career to your needs. It's very simple, very easy and fast.
  • Unlimited access to the Virtual Platform (During and after business hours). All you need is just internet to be connected to.
  • Connect to the Virtual Platform from any electronic devices (cell phone, tablets, computer, IPhone, IPads, etc.)
  • No more geographical barriers. Stay in contact with sales and marketing employers after business hours. Get interview. Get selected.
  • Search in advance the company or organization that has the right job according to your sales skills and working experiences.
  • No need to wait weeks or months to go to a traditional job fair and walk around from booth to booth to wait long hours and find out that the hospital doesn't have any job opportunities according to your skills, work experiences, education background and language.
  • Already have a job? No worries. Pinpoint your future Employer. Learn the Company Culture. Meet the HR and exchange contact