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Exhibitor Information Centre

Enjoy a diverse range of employment advertising services that enable Job Seekers
across Canada to discover the different facets of your organization and learn about the
numerous employment opportunities, career resources and possibilities that your
Organizations have to offer in their particular fields of expertise (employment, education,
career development, immigration and training).


Jobs Canada create job possibilities and provide employment awareness across Canada

  • Direct contacts with recruiters, business professionals, HR managers, admission officers and advisory bodies/training.
  • Unlimited advancement, career flexibility and knowledge across industry in Canada and International.
  • Opportunities for professional advancement and personal development for everyone and anyone looking for a work.
  • Jobs Canada TV with exhibitor presentations with HR policies, recruiting strategies, advises, Labor Market, etc

Job Fair Registration - Benefits :
Jobs Canada welcomes thousands of qualified and professional job seekers searching for job
opportunities in different industries (Health Care, Mining, Engineering, Finance, Administration,
Accounting, Collections, Advertising, Marketing, Media, Telecommunications, Technology,
Film, Aerospace, Oil, Tourism, Education, Civil, Transportation, Gas, Construction,
Manufacturing, Medical research, Government, Biotechnology, Mechanical, Real Estate,
Legal, Immigration, Investments, Retail, Sales, Insurance... )

Your Participation includes :
  • Free food and beverages served to all employers present at the Job Fair.
  • Internet connection at certain hotels (please confirm with Management).
  • Furnished booth with additional chairs and tables upon request
  • Free Resumes Access, Free job posting, Free advertisement, free video promotion.
  • complimentary free booth participation for featured and exclusive exhibitors

Registration Form Process :
Upon receipt of the signed Registration Form, whether by email or fax, Exhibitor accepts and
agrees that He / She will automatically be legally bound to, and agrees to comply with, all the
terms of payment. Exhibitor must follow up with Fair Management whether by email or phone
within 48hrs to ensure that the Registration Form is processed, confirmed, booked and that the
booth is been reserved.

Registration Confirmation :

  • Upon receipt of the Registration Form, we will acknowledge receipt within 24-48hrs.
  • Within 48hrs, you shall receive the invoice for payment with the Exhibitor Welcome Guide.
  • Upon receipt of the Welcome Guide, we will start processing your online advertisement.
  • Each Exhibitor have free online advertisement (job posting, online banners, social medias, etc)
  • Upon online advertisement and receipt of payment, your booth will be confirmed & reserved.
  • 1-2 weeks prior to the Job Fair, your should received the Exhibitor Welcome Kit.
The Exhibitor Welcome Kit contains additional information regarding your booth preparation prior and during the Job Fair, Hotel address and location, parking access, loading time, booth set-up and dismantle time, food and beverages menu, internet access, list of Exhibitors, etc.

Exhibitor Booth Information :
Upon receipt of registration, our third party "Pipes & Drapes" will start preparing your booth
according to your booth selection on the Registration Form.
Exhibitors are invited to decorate
their booth space as they wish, remove/change table
& chairs, remove backdrops and have
their own color, do anything desire.

Booth Selection :
  • Exclusive Booths is always located at the main entrance of the Hall
  • Featured Booths are always located close to the entrance, close to Exclusive booths
  • General booths are located anywhere in the room and/or close to featured booths.
  • Booth space are available and are provided upon first come, first served basis.
  • Please review other booth sizes in the Registration Form for your selection.

Regular booths are 10ftx10ft booth
with 1-3 skirted tables/additional
chairs upon request.

Floor Plan Information :
Upon receipt of payment, Booth space are provided on first come, first served basis.
Please note that this is not the final floor plan nor the floor plan designated to each Job Fair
in each city. Every venue is different and have different room layout.

The Floor Plan illustrated on this page is simply an overview floor plan to help exhibitor view
booth layout, booth location, room placement according to hotel specifications.


Virtual Job Fair Registration - Benefits :
  • Manage your recruitment needs on a local, provincial, national and global scale.
  • From your office, connect and network with job seekers anytime & anywhere in Canada.
  • Connect with any electronic devices (cell phone, tablets, computer, etc).
  • No more geographical barriers. 24hrs Job Fair access. Free advertisement.
  • No need to set up a booth or have employees out of the office to manage your booth.
  • It's all Online. It's all Virtual. We set up everything for you, your booth, job posting, etc.
  • Save time with the Virtual Job Fair from $95 for booth registration.

Easy to "attend", Easy to "access",
Easy to "connect",
Free Resume Access :
To create job opportunities and provide employment awareness, Jobs Canada offers free
resumes access to all our recruiters, HR Managers and hiring companies across Canada that
have current job openings and are looking for immediate interviews or possibly immediate hiring.

  • resumes are received everyday online from active job seekers
  • resumes are sent directly by email to the recruiter or HR Manager upon registration
  • resumes can be customized per city, province and national.
  • resumes can be email to the recruiter on weekly and monthly basis upon request

Jobs Canada T.V. :

Jobs Canada T.V. is free for any employers and organization across Canada (recruiters,
HR Managers and hiring companies) wishing to promote their across Canada that have
current job openings and are looking for immediate interviews or possibly immediate hiring.

  • Promote your company's culture, employment awareness and job opportunities.
  • Show your company in action in the labor market and creating job possibilities.
  • Brand your company in 9 provinces and 45 cities across Canada.

Free Online Job Posting :
  • unlimited number of job postings for any employers and any recruiters across Canada.
  • Advertisement on social medias (30k likes) and websites (150k views per month).
  • your job postings will be online within 24- 48hrs upon submission.
  • your job postings might be promoted on our partner websites.

Free Online Advertisement :
For registered exhibitors attending our Job Fairs whether in person or virtual.

  • 3 months online banners posted on our websites (150k views per month).
  • your company logo and job postings will be posted on our social medias (40k likes)
  • your job postings may be selected to be promoted on Jobs TV, Newsletter & Magazine.
  • advertisement can be posted anywhere on the website in 24-48hrs upon submission.